Earn up to 100 SwagBucks

With SwagBucks Recent Offers, You can Earn
Up to 100 SwagBucks!

100 SwagBucks = $ 10 in Amazon Gift Card!

Just follow these steps below :

Step 1.
From swagbucks.com Homepage, click "Ways to Earn" found on the upper tab of the page, then click "Special Offers".

Step 2.
Click Wall 2


Step 3.
Locate the Following Offers in the List Provided
(Click Here to Download the List of Offers)
Two examples of these offers are :

- Save up to 70% on term life insurance! (10 SwagBucks)

- Are you 18 or older? Get a free quote! (6 SwagBucks)

Just browse through all the offers, and
Click Next > Until you find the offers.

Step 4.
Read the "Offer Description" and follow the task required.
NOTE: I will not be promoting that you use fake information, however,
If you do use fake information you have to keep in mind that
will most likely not be credited.

Step 5.
Wait for your offers to give you SwagBucks.
You can check which offers have been credited by clicking 'Offer Status'

Most offers may take hours to credit, but should the offers fail to credit you with SwagBucks after 24 hours, I would suggest you clear your cache, and sign up again using a different email.
That's It. Try your luck and see if you can gain up to 100 SwagBucks!

To download the LIST of  FREE Special Offers.

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